About - Patrick Rice

I'm a Forty- something Hobbyist/ Enthusiast Photographer from the North East of England, who has decided to share some of my favourite images, largely at the request of friends and family, but in the hope that any comments I receive on them help improve my photography.

The images on this site are available to purchase as prints, should any especially strike a chord with you.  But can I please point out that I have no control over the pricing, as this is not an e-commerce site - I do not receive *any* money from the sale of images.  The prices are fixed by the photo labs used, and the money goes directly to them.  It is merely a service that allows you to obtain a print with relative ease.  It is also possible to purchase a digital/.jpg copy of any image direct from me - just use the Contact form on this site if so.    

Also, any watermarks you see when browsing the images on my site, are *NOT* displayed on any prints ordered - they will be free from any watermarks, as will any images you wish to purchase from me directly.

Having explained all of this though, let me come back to the most important point - my real aim with this site is simply to share with you some of my favourite compositions and photos I have shot. 

So my key desire is that you simply find a photo or two in here that are pleasing to you!

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