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Clicking on any of the named Gallery tiles below will open up the gallery in this current browser window, with the images listed one by one running down the page.

If you then click on an individual image however on that page, it will display the images in "Album View" and this view adds additional features and options

This includes the full description of the image, as well as a web-link which will load up the actual location the image was taken in Google Maps Street View, so you can actually see where it was shot (this will be added to more images as time goes on).

You can also "Like an image" by tapping the Heart Icon, or "Share image to Social Media" (copyright remains my own however) by hitting the Share Arrow icon.

You can scroll through the Gallery when in Album View mode by using the arrow keys on desktop, or by swiping left and right if using a mobile.

Feel free to leave a Comment using the form at the bottom of each Gallery page too.

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